Mohamad Nikpour
(b.1992) Tehran, Iran

self-taught music producer and sound designer since 2012. He has been exploring and experimenting with how sounds are created through digital audio workstations. His works covers a wide range of electronic music, including Ambient, Drone, Downtempo, and Noise. The main elements of his music are crafted using synthesizers and field recordings. He strives to create atmospheric spaces that encompass textures and synthesized samples.

In 2018, He embarked on an ambient duo project with Shervin Shamlou called “Sahub Shang”. This name is derived from “Shahub Sang”, which in Persian means ‘Meteorite’. The foundational sounds of this project are sourced from nature, with a focus on animal and cosmic elements. Another project named “Dance of Soul” was formed in 2021, where he brings experimental electro-acoustic layers combined with deep grooves. In addition to these, he has experience in sound design and music production for media industry. In 2022, he launched a production service called “Tonal Room”, which offers services such as composing and sound design.


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